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Hanen Programs for Parents

More Than Words® is a family-focused program that gives parents of children with autism spectrum disorder practical tools to help their children communicate.  More Than Words® is based on extensive research and addresses practical ways to help the children reach the four following goals:

  1. Improved two-way interaction.
  2. More mature and conventional ways of communicating.
  3. Better skills in communicating for social purposes.
  4. Improved understanding of language.

More Than Words® is run by Hanen Certified speech-language pathologist, Brigid Shamburg. It derives its theoretical basis from the same social interactionist perspective as It Takes Two to Talk®, Hanen’s program for parents of pre-school children with language delays. Like this program, More Than Words® emphasizes the child’s everyday activities as the context for learning to communicate. In addition, More Than Words® incorporates current best practice guidelines, highlighting the importance of affect, predictability, structure and the use of visual supports to enhance learning in children with ASD.


The Hanen Program for Parents is a family-focused program for parents of young children who have communication difficulties.

It Takes Two to Talk® is based on years of research and addresses

  • the need for early intervention
  • the importance of parents’ involvement

It Takes Two to Talk® is run by Hanen Certified speech-language pathologists, Brigid Shamburg, LuAnn Lower, and Stephanie Burgener. Through activities and group discussions, parents learn to create and take advantage of everyday opportunities to help their child communicate and use language. The program is supported by the new edition of the popular parent guidebook It Takes Two To Talk, as well as videotapes developed specifically for the program.

Who Should Attend the Program?
It Takes Two to Talk® is recommended for parents of children with communication difficulties. The child’s communication abilities may range from being non-verbal to beginning to combine words.

Parents of children with communication difficulties associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are best suited toMore Than Words® - The Hanen Program for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Children with significant oral motor difficulties, such as developmental apraxia of speech, may be best suited to other intervention approaches.



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